Instructions for WG conveners

Before the conference

Please select and approve abstracts, contact speakers and a respective plenary speaker; control the list of participants.

Indico offers several possibilities of managing abstracts and setting up a session. Your role is formally called a “track coordinator”; for help look at In case of Indico problem please contact our expert.

Approved and scheduled talks are often cancelled. You will be regularly informed about withdrawals. Also several talks may be given by the same speaker. Please check regularly that the schedule of your session block stays compact and consistent. You may join (and shorten) talks which are given by the same person. You may also invite speakers from outside to give short introductions to the WG physics.

For each WG 4 blocks of 3.5 hours are allocated. An additional block may be added in case of exceptionally large number of presentations. We encourage you to organize joined sessions with other WGs.

During the conference

Note that coffee breaks start at 10h30 and 16h00 and the lunch break at 12h30. The latter is sometimes flexible but extremes should be avoided.

Please keep the timing; delays may prevent the participants and speakers from following the breaks, meeting people or moving from one session to another, which is an attractive feature of parallel sessions.

Each lecture room has a scientific secretary assigned. He/she will setup the computers and will provide a laser pointer and countdown panels (10 min, 5 min, 2 min, 0 min, angry) in the morning and at the beginning of each session block.

This instruction will be updated regularly.